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Scholarship Program

    The Oregon State Council is dedicated to advancing the HR profession and assisting future leaders through the Scholarship Program.  

    Financial Assistance Policy

    The Oregon State Council (OSC) is dedicated to advancing the HR profession.  One of the ways we do this is by promoting the educational and professional development of our members.  This policy outlines the process by which the OSC establishes funding, advertises, and awards requests for financial assistance.

    Financial Assistance Funding:

    The Oregon State Council (OSC) adopts a budget annually.  One of the line items in the annual budget is Financial Assistance. The amount dedicated to Financial Assistance will be determined by the board annually through the budget process.

    The budgeted amount for Financial Assistance will be awarded semi-annually.  Half of the budgeted amount will be available to fund applications in March and the other half will be available to fund applications in September.

    Notification of Open Period for Applications:

    Oregon SHRM members will receive an e-blast reminding them of the financial assistance award program approximately 45 days before the application deadline.  The e-blast will provide detailed time lines including the deadline for submitting requests. All requests will be required to be submitted in writing and include the OSC application form.

    Financial Assistance Coordination:

    The OSC Director Elect will be the intake coordinator for all Financial Assistance Applications.  The Director Elect will summarize the applications in a blind manner and communicate the requests to the full OSC board for review and approval.  The Director Elect will also be the primary communicator with the award recipients, coordinating confirmation of documents, and request payment from the Treasurer once all qualifications are satisfied.

    Financial Award Criteria:

    • Financial assistance awards may be made up to $500.00 per individual.
    • Awards may be requested for reimbursement of tuition, books, exam fees for HR related subjects (awards will not be made for travel costs).
    • Individual financial assistance awards may only be granted 1 time per year per individual.
    • All financial award reimbursement requests are subject to appropriate documentation.
     Financial Assistance Fund Individual & Chapter APPLICATION