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Our Mission and Goals

    The Purpose of the Oregon SHRM is to:

    • Support state-wide activities and information sharing between chapters.
    • Promote education and professional development to all members of the HR profession within the state.
    • Be a forum for chapter/member input to SHRM

    The Role of the Oregon State Council is: 

    • To provide a forum for chapters to discuss common issues, problems, concerns and to share ideas and successes;
    • To facilitate information from Chapters and the state council to the region and national boards and from the region and national boards to the state council and Chapters;
    • To represent SHRM by visiting and communicating with chapters and promoting and sharing with members the services and benefits offered by SHRM;
    • To assess the needs of members and chapters, and meeting those needs by securing and/or providing information;
    • To adopt programs that will promote the progress, visibility, and welfare of SHRM and its members in the human resource profession; and coordinate state and national legislative affair


    • Like all state councils, the Oregon State Council is an autonomous entity that operates as an affiliate of SHRM.
    • Each state council conducts the affairs of a nonprofit organization under the general guidance of SHRM.
    • The Oregon State Council is responsible directly to the Pacific West Regional Board and indirectly to the national SHRM Board of Directors.
    • Council activities shall be in compliance with, and subject to, the policies and procedures established by the national SHRM and Pacific West Regional Board of Directors.
    • Volunteer leaders from around the state comprise the State Council.
    • Every Chapter President is a member of the Oregon State Council.