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    Wellbeing and Self Care with Karen Tyler

    Date: October 28, 2021, 9:30am – 11:00am
    Oregon SHRM
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    Transition Well: Well-Being and Self-Care

    In the world we reside in today, change is constant and adjusting to a new normal is challenging. Often, one tends to resist or fight against change. This only prolongs the inevitable of embracing a new normal while releasing ideas of “things going back to normal.” In the meantime, a person’s well-being is compromised or neglected on many levels (i.e. emotional, physical, mental, intellectual, occupational, spiritual etc.). Subsequently, one fails to practice self-care and live in the moment while experiencing a healthy well-being, joy and peace. How would life look for you if you transition well? Let’s explore how transition from your unknown zone to your known zone and embrace a new normal as you:

    • Understand the difference between change and transition

    • Prepare to embrace your new normal

    • Explore various pillars of well-being

    • Create a well-being and self-care plan

    Karen serves as a catalyst for transformation, growth and development. She is passionate about journeying as well as working in collaboration and partnerships with others. Karen is founder and CEO of KDT Global Consulting where she serves individuals, couples/families, and groups/organizations as they evolve and grow. With zeal, Karen partners with, assists, and equips them through the process of making healthy choices, creating and implementing strategic plans. Karen also serves as a torch that ignites possibilities while empowering and mobilizing others as they explore various perspectives along their journey. As individuals and organizations journey to new heights and new horizons, Karen champions and provides support each step of the way.

    Karen earned her Bachelor and Masters of Social Work degree at Jane Addams College of Social Work at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has served within the social and human service arena for nearly 30 years while working as a case worker, a supervisor, assistant program manager and director. Karen fosters workforce and leadership development. She is fluid in the area of the trauma, compassion fatigue, motivational interviewing (MI) and the Safety Intervention and Permanency System Model (SIPS). She provides coaching, facilitation and training focusing on program development.

    Karen has served individuals, schools (primary and secondary education), child welfare agencies, human service agencies, and private organizations in Illinois, Indiana, Oregon and Nevada. She currently works at University of Nevada Las Vegas and serves as a coach, facilitator, trainer and adjunct professor. She is also a co-author of a number one best seller, “Let the Daughters Arise.”

    Her life balance entails the fulfillment of spending time with her family and friends, and attending gatherings or special events. She enjoys spa days, watching movies, having fun, playing games and skating. After walking the journey of being a widow, she then later experienced a divorce, which led her to a path of being a single parent, a co-parent and she is now happily married with her third marriage. Karen adores her husband, father, mother, four siblings, and she enjoys her journey of family inclusion of a blended family of nine (four adult children, two teenagers and three grandchildren).